Stolen Valor – A Carson Brand Novel

Carson Brand was a regular guy with a reputation as a tough guy.  After his best friend is murdered by a major Mexican Drug Cartel, his toughness is put to the test.  His efforts to avenge the murder of his best friend places him in the deadly cross hairs of a bloodthirsty Sicario, local and federal law enforcement, and the lovely Christina, high ranking Lieutenant within the cartel. (novel, book, fiction)

Stolen Valor by Craig Rainey

Enter the Deadly World of the Cartel

The Mexican Border Town

Carson Brand and his best friend Bert cross into Mexico for a night of girls and drinking.  Brand doesn’t know this will be his last night with Bert.  So starts a deadly chase which ends in Texas with a bloody crescendo.

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Carson Brand

Brand stood to his full six feet and faced the behemoth. Brand was in good shape for a regular guy who ate what he wanted and drank frequently. He was thick in the right places and his arms and legs were sturdy from a lifetime of outdoor labor. His dark blue eyes reflected a menace the bigger man immediately understood.
“This is about to go bad for you”, Brand said calmly.
He glanced at Karen with a look meant to assuage her rising sense of alarm.
“Being a big guy has kept you out of fights. Most guys don’t like to tangle with six-foot-five assholes.”
Brand felt a familiar force rising deep inside of him. He waited for the hum of adrenalin, anticipating the next stage where it blossomed into the freedom of full, unbridled fury.

Miguel Luna

Miguel wiped the tears from his eyes. He could hardly see to drive. He was in now - his final test passed with flying colors. He felt real pride for a fleeting moment. For scant seconds the dying eyes of the frightened teen fell from his thoughts. The reprieve was brief. The swelling pride fell violently to guilt and despair as the kid had fallen to his colt revolver.
Javier watched the driver with keen interest from his place in the passenger seat. He was only a few months removed from his own probar. Everyone did it. Everyone wept. That was the process.


Her name was Christina and she was aware of the stir she caused when she walked into a room. Miguel, the younger man, averted his eyes like a school boy: the confidence of his murders forgotten for the moment. The elder, Fuentes, savored her as only the aged can. His wistful look faded in favor of an expression of kindly appreciation as the realization of his age and inadequacy overwhelmed his desire. He knew innately that he would fail at the test she would be if he tried for her.
Christina descended lightly onto the available steel chair, smoothing her skirt. She crossed her legs to the delight of both men. They looked her over, from her lustrous black hair, to the red undersides of her expensive pumps. She endured the appraisal with the aplomb of one accustomed to the constant scrutiny of desirous men.

Craig Rainey

Craig Rainey is an author, novelist, and award-winning screenwriter.

Craig Rainey (1962 – ) is an American film actor, author, screenwriter, and musician. He was born in San Angelo, Texas and now resides in Austin. His Texas roots hail back to the original Impresario settlers of Cuahuilla y Tejas under Stephen F. Austin. He cowboyed professionally in south Texas. His first highly acclaimed novel was Massacre at Agua Caliente. The book is based upon a screen play of the same title. The script has won numerous awards at film festivals including: Best Narrative Period Piece, Most Likely to be Produced as a Movie, and was Official Selection for many more. Craig Rainey won Best Breakout Writer for the script.

A Story About.

The Villain

Miguel felt blood flow warm his hands and his ears. He always experienced the odd warming of his extremities when he was near a killing.
He approached the side door carefully. The door was slightly ajar. He was certain the truck carried trouble: trouble for Fuentes and, likely, trouble for him. He pushed the door open enough to squeeze his lean frame through. The cold air cooled him.

The Hero

Brand entered the room, his Sig at the ready. He kicked the big revolver out of reach and moved to the cowering, naked figure of Christina. He helped her upright. She threw her arms around his neck and pulled him close. She shuddered and tears filled her eyes with the release of the terror at how close death had come to her. Her mouth sought his. She kissed him over and over. His face grew wet from her tears and her kisses. He held her tightly, letting her work past her impassioned state. After several moments where her desperate kisses slowed and she held to him weakly, she leaned back and looked into his face.
“Thank you”, she said in a voice husky with spent emotion. “He would have killed me.”

The Love Interest

Her thoughts returned to the pleasant memory of last night. Brand was a growing preoccupation with her. No matter how she reasoned away the pleasantness of her impression of him, she found undeniable comfort in the idea she would see him again. After much deliberation and self-deprecation, she had allowed herself the luxury of him in her busy mind.

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