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Rainey keenly depicts an unforgiving landscape...a nearly lawless world where brutal violence can erupt at a moment’s notice.

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He is a ruthless killer. She is Mexican debutante. Both carry a death sentence.
An American outlaw flees Texas Rangers to Mexico where he kidnaps the most eligible beauty in Mexico under the very nose of her father.

They must elude Texas Rangers, the Mexican army, and ruthless bounty hunters if they hope to live long enough to escape the gallows.

Read the thrilling tale behind the award winning screenplay.

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What’s It About…

In this western fiction classic novel, Boyd Hutton is a desperate and ruthless outlaw, known for his swift and deadly actions. His latest crime, the attempted robbery of the most secure bank in the western frontier, ends with the destruction of his devoted gang of outlaws. Alone, he eludes the pursuit of a vengeful posse and determined Texas Rangers.

He is joined along the way by young Cab Jackson, who helps him across the Rio Grande into Mexico where Hutton continues his crime wave. Although Massacre at Agua Caliente is a Texas frontier novel, the action continues south of the Rio Grande in Mexico. Hutton and Jackson crash a Quinceanera where Hutton encounters Juliana. Unexpectedly, Juliana’s interest in the tall stranger turns into a desperate fight for her life as Hutton kidnaps her and eludes the immediate pursuit of her father’s men.

A member of Mexico’s elite, Juliana will learn that despite the efforts of her father, the Mexican army, and relentless bounty hunters bent on vigilante justice, she will have to rely on a courage and inner strength she never knew she possessed. In this historical thriller, she is torn from her life of luxury and privilege, her life-threatening experiences on the run, in an unforgiving wilderness, changes her. As the kidnappers elude desperate rescue efforts Juliana becomes an opponent unlike any Hutton has ever before faced. Before the end of her ordeal, Juliana will grow to learn much about her father, her captors, and to her surprise, her own abilities and strengths.

Massacre at Agua Caliente, is based upon the award-winning screenplay by the same name. Masterfully written in the unique style of turn-of-the-century western authors, the action-packed story is beautifully crafted with rich description and colorfully authentic dialogue.Massacre at Agua Caliente has been favorably reviewed by critics and readers alike for its unique story, writing style and textured characters that leap from the page and make the reader care about them.

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