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This book has all the potential to be among the classics written by legends like Napoleon Hill and Zig Ziglar.

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Read this sales training book today – Sell like a professional tomorrow

Selling can seem difficult and filled with rejection. It becomes easy and the prospective customer will welcome your help if you are important to helping them make a decision.
Working straight commission is frightening unless you have an easily learned, constantly practiced technique.

This brief manual on professional sales can be learned easily, quickly and without becoming a psychologist in the process.

Mastering the art of sales takes time. Wouldn’t it be nice to make a good living while you do?

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This sales training book is unlike any other sales training manual you will find. Although most books on modern sales techniques and sales presentation methods cover much of what is in this book, most bombard you with countless pages of examples, methodology, general marketing and psychological information that would take a lifetime to master.

Unlike most sales & selling books on closing, marketing, or the psychology of sales, The Art of Professional Sales is a common sense approach to selling, eliminating the need for tricks, gimmicks or mind games.In this insightful book, you have at your fingertips an easily referenced guide which will upgrade you immediately to a successful sales professional.

After learning, then applying the clearly explained techniques contained in this book, you will earn a lucrative and reliable income immediately while providing your clients with superior customer service because of your superior customer relations skills.. As you apply these skills & techniques, you will enjoy the success of a professional seller as you learn those advanced traits that will put you into the elite category.

Advanced selling techniques take time and experience. When it comes to understanding consumer behavior, there is no quick resource that can replace doing the work. Wouldn’t it be nice to pay the bills while you learn them?

“This is the most valuable book in my collection. Craig Rainey breaks down the most complex tasks in sales to a fundamental level.” – Reader Review

“Sales Pro more than doubled my sales numbers. I recommend it to anyone who wants to make sales their career.” – Reader Review”Craig Rainey makes the timeless tools in professional sales easy and fun. Wow!” – Reader Review

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