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As far as I am concerned, this one is the best so far!

Craig Rainey, Author of Carson Brand Series

A DEA contractor with amnesia must avoid an international assassination team and save the lives of an innocent family, with no memory of his training or who is after him.

A young woman loses her job at a software company when she overhears a conversation of an international plot to overthrow the American government. She meets a handsome stranger with Amnesia.

After her brother is killed by a rogue assassination team, she must trust the questionable stranger with her life despite not knowing which side he is on.

Find out why lovers of crime thrillers are adding the Carson Brand series to their reading lists.

Are you ready for the 3rd novel in the Carson Brand Series?

Carson Brand shows up in America with no memory of his past. He befriends a woman and her brother who introduce him to a carefully disguised corporate plot to take over the country. Brand must recover his memory, evade a hit team from his past he knows nothing about, and survive the corporate forces rallied against him before it is too late.

This third book in the Carson Brand Series picks up where the second book left readers with many unanswered questions.

In this 3rd novel, I wanted to add dimension and depth to Brand based upon where he started as a regular guy to where he is now. I think I did that with Reasonable Sin.  Craig Rainey